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Festival FUKUSHIMA! Synchronized Worldwide Events

Konnichi wa !

Here you will find the last version of my one-year work in progress called « Fukushima Days ». Started in March 2011 just after the nuclear disaster, with graphic desiger Kantoh. We performed during a Placard Headphone Festival last August some rough ideas. I got an almost finished version i streamed with improvised parts during the HorlursFestival, last July.
This work was always evolving and i’m not sure if it is really finished by now … It’s difficult to finished something about Fukushima as long as the nuclear plague spreads his deadly exhalation all over Japan and all over the world. Anyway, the sound is there, feel free to listen an to share if you like it.

Here an video excerpt with the beautiful graphics of Kantoh

Each day, surveying and sharing informations about the Fukushima plants, i learned tons of new things about nuclear threat. In 1986 i went so frightened with the Tchernobyl cloud. I ran away from Paris with a friend to the west coast, in Picardie. We got this naive and romantic idea, if something really bad would happen we want to die with the sea, the birds and the animals all around us. Fortunatelay the cloud never hit the Picardie coast … People in Ukraina did not got this chance.

Every day i’m thinking about Japan. Something really powerfull bounds me.

Dōmo arigatō gozaimasu to all the participants


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